Upside down

I haven’t posted for a while because much of my day is spent cocooned inside the flat, because of this breathless feeling. One thing I’ve learned is when you feel okay do everything you can then.

Case in point I was expecting friends for coffee. Ocado delayed no milk. What to do? Felt too unwell to go to Tesco. I would just have to own up, and send them round for the milk.

Lucky me they had already had coffee.

Tuesday spent the morning at the Beacon. Social chitchat. Had a talk from Tony who started the Courage Foundation offering very special trips to those kids who are hurting following a bereavement. It seems to be going well I’m pleased to say.

A days outing yesterday. A trip to the hospital and then to Tesco. I actually made it. So sad to think I was pleased that I had made it.

Check out girls are so lovely and helpful but realised I must be old when they started calling me “darling”

However the point of this blog was the upside down bit.

Woke up feeling the need to go to the bathroom. Hopped back into bed. Looked at the clock 12 o’clock, but I became aware of traffic noise. Unusual the amount of traffic passing in front of the flat.  Put the light on and discovered I had placed the clock upside down and in fact it was 6 o’clock. Batty old buddy.

Enjoy the weekend.

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