News from our visit to the vet

I’ve still been more or less house bound although I have managed to walk round the corner to our local Tesco store, but I decided it was time to visit the vet with puss. She has been driving me mad, disturbing my peace at night and generally acting strangely.

Very kindly my daughter stepped up to the plate and took me,puss and Trudy for our visit.

Walked in to see a westie very happily sitting in a doggy pushchair. The dog was elderly so was unable to walk far. As his family wanted to go walking they bought him a pushchair. Even “daddy” pushed the chair.

Next was a mummy pug with one tiny tiny puppy. The puppy that was bought in was the only one who survived. Such a sad outcome.

They think puss might have thyroid problems so she had to donate some blood which she wasn’t too happy about, and we are now waiting for the results.

Early evening I received unexpected sad news.  My long time ex partner has died and although we had parted many years ago I felt so sad. He was a lot younger than me so he left us much earlier than I would have liked, and I fear he was on his own. His wife had left him and returned to the UK.

Sleep was difficult for me.

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1 Response to News from our visit to the vet

  1. jools_crouch says:

    Those ghosts from the past can have surprisingly strong emotional effects, hope you managed to find some peace. And good luck with Aura’s health.


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