Falling leaves and quilting

It’s such a beautiful day so I decided Trudy and I would go for a walk.

First dilemma. Should I wear wellies or walking boots. Decided against the wellies as driving is not best achieved wearing wellies. The walking boots then. But a struggle to get them on. The outcome I kept my shoes on.

I arrived at Hocombe (my favourite place), looked at the ground and thought I’ve made a mistake, but it wasn’t as wet as I thought.

Walked through the woods and the leaves were falling all around. It felt like a snow storm but not the right colour. Gorgeous.

Bumped into an elderly gentleman who was walking his daughter’s dogs.  Struck up a conversation.  He said he walked the dogs most days as his daughter, (who used a shed in his garden) was putting the finishing touches to complete the quilts that people had made. That must be so difficult because everyone has their own personal vision as to how it should look.

My daughter turned her hand at quilting,  but haven’t heard much about this enterprise recently.

As soon as you step out the front door and bump into someone have a natter and return home, you immediately feel more alive and positive.

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