Run up to Christmas

Yesterday along with my neighbour we visited our local garden centre. Whilst it was enjoyable (we arrived when Santa Clause appeared), and carols were being sung,which bought a lump to my throat, something seemed to be lacking. Perhaps its because we are all trying to be full of good cheer.Every time I hear carols I feel myself well up. So beautiful. Stepped inside and we were assailed by the most lovely smells. Room diffusers, soap and bath bombs all added to the smells. We wondered around. The decorated trees looked lovely and the tree decorations were stunning.

Next stop the cafe for a hot chocolate. Lots of young assistants helping out at tables. One young girl kindly carried our tray to our table. Carrying trays whilst holding walking sticks could have proved a problem.I didn’t want to drop anything on the floor.I think most of the money that people spent was in the cafe.

So busy in there.

I was particularly hunting for a twig that I could put some decorations on but couldn’t see anything that suited. I came home with a bird feeder. Last of the big spenders. Much of my shopping has been done online, and I have bought eight presents so far. Two of those were squeaky toys for Trudy and Luna.

We are lucky enough to have a new business opened in Chandlers Ford. A florist who had very good reviews. I tried to visit her shop but parking was a real problem so I gave up.

I phoned her and asked if she could supply a twig, branch , whatever and she was happy to help. Sorted.

Bright sunny day and it feels warmer too.





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