My Christmas tree

This is my tree. Isn’t it wonderful. My real tree is in the garden doing well, but it’s too heavy for me to bring into the flat.

We are fortunate to have a new florist opened in Hiltingbury Road. I phoned and asked if she could spray a twig for me and place it in a vase. This is the result. Perfect isn’t it. I had some old glass decorations which adorn the twig. It certainly didn’t take anytime at all to decorate.

The shop is owned by a very pleasant young lady called Kelly.

I popped into the shop yesterday to pay her. Mum was there helping out. She made me a cup of tea and we nattered for a while. Lovely smell and wonderful flowers of all descriptions and colours.

Popped into the charity shop to search for some old brooches. No luck.

Next stop the local newsagents for more cards and then finally the coffee shop where I purchased some very nice cakes to go with a coffee. Bought myself one and also for my dog walkers.

We are so lucky to have everything on our doorstep.

The flat is smelly lovely. Cooking a lamb dish with herbs and wine.

Enjoy your day.

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