Where has Christmas gone

I attended church on Christmas morning. The first time for many a long year, and how things have changed. You now can have a choice if you would prefer a gluten free wafer or the traditional wafer for those taking confession, and the priest with a microphone so that he was totally mobile.

A very nice service which was very well attended. I tried to sing the carols, but as I have a tickly cough it made me splutter. Not what I was hoping for.

Off to my daughter’s and we enjoyed a super turkey roast with all the trimmings and a glass or two of bubbly. The ladies tended to go for the sparkling, whilst the men drank the beer.

Listened to the Queen’s speach and then the unwrapping. I did very well. Smellies,socks and the Christmas cake as shown on this blog. I do so enjoy a piece of cake with a cup of tea.

I came home about four. I wanted them to enjoy time together, and let the dogs quieten down. Trudy was so tired on Boxing day she didn’t get up until ten. Very unlike her.

Boxing day cold meats, baked potatoes. Something very nice about the food on Boxing day. No stress at all. I have to own up and say I didn’t do a single thing which is not something to be proud of, but oh it was lovely.

Now if course it’s New Year to look forward to, but I’m a bit of a ba humbug. New Year has never been my thing, but I wish you all a very Happy New Year. May it bring you health and happiness.

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