Run of bad luck

It has been a while since my last post, mainly because there hasn’t been much to say until the last week.

For some time my shower hasn’t been working well. In fact most of the water was coming from everywhere bar the holes so I decided I had to sort it out.

Finally I found a plumber who actually came to look and he replaced the whole lot. It’s much better now and my bathroom floor remains dry. Why did I not do something earlier?

The next worrying thing was my car. Difficult to start and belching out grey fumes. After a visit to the garage I was told it was probable that I needed the injectors looking at. This was going to cost approximately one thousand pounds. I did however manage to find a garage who could do the job a few hundred pounds cheaper. I’m picking it up today and hope that all is well.

Just before Christmas I had information that a trained optician with all the equipment that was needed could make a home visit for those who find things a little difficult so an appointment was made. He came last week and a new pair of specs is on the way to me. Much nicer than having to get the car out and find a car parking space, and the cost was much the same that I would expect to pay. The name of the company is The Outside Clinic.

However before I lost my car for a while,Trudy and I went walking to our place Hocombe Woods. There were a group of volunteers working there clearing a patch of ground. Very happy and jolly. Out came the thermos and a cup of tea was handed out.

It felt good. What would we do without all these volunteers?

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