Bad back

I have suffered with back pain for many years and have tried just about everything to get some relief. From chiropractors to osteopaths the list is endless, but this is in part not the reason I’m writing this blog. It’s the dropping of things.

Don’t you find that dropping items on the floor increases when you certainly don’t want to bend, it certainly does for me. Not just once but several times during the day. Must remember how to bend the right way,  but it’s easier said than done.

On a lighter note Luna my daughter’s German shepherd has been accepted by a doggy agency, and it would be very exciting if she were chosen for any modelling assignments.

So cold here today. I have a tee shirt, jumper and a cardigan on and still feeling chilly. Good old storage heaters. Even Trudy has declined going in the garden for her morning wee.

If you are out and about take good care.

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