Where’s a tree?

I have started going for a walk again. The phrase “use it or lose it” springs to mind and I really don’t want to lose it. Keep telling myself it really doesn’t matter how long I take just get on with it.

I was really hoping to get away for a week or so but it’s proving difficult. I just want an Hotel almost on the beach where I can sit and relax with Trudy but the beach has to be accessible as I no longer can clamber over stones or indeed steps. It’s awful advancing years.

On my walk on Tuesday I met a pleasant lady walking her westie. Trudy loves little dogs. Perhaps it stirs something in her as she had a couple of litters. The lady was obviously hoping to have a chat and I knew that Trudy would have me over if I stayed talking on the path. Looked frantically around for a tree or something similar, but all I could see was a red poo bin. I suggested we go there, and although the conversation was interesting the smell being emitted was not conducive to hanging about,  so regretfully I left.

Will try and get out today. It very much depends on the state of the car park outside the flats. When it rains it floods and often wellies are needed to reach your car if it’s parked away from the front door. Considering mine is parked in the far corner I have to negotiate a lot of icy surfaces.

Take care.









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