A caring place to live

As some of you are possibly aware we in the south have had a deluge of the white stuff. Not so bad ìn Chandlers Ford but the pavements are a no go area as is our car park. It makes a grand skating rink if you are so inclined. So again housebound. I’ve just spoken to my neighbour who is hoping to visit a friend in the hospice. I wish she wouldn’t go but she won’t take any notice of me. She said she wobbles even without the snow and ice.

I read on Chandlers Ford neighbours that a very kind person was collecting coats,sleeping bags, and warm clothing for the homeless. I was so touched to read about this persons commitment in helping those less fortunate.

Another post was from Ade offering to do shopping for those unable to get out. How very kind. I feel I do very little now which makes me feel Sad and slightly inadequate.


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