Coughing spasms

Since before Christmas I have been plagued with a tiresome cough which wouldn’t go away.  It even stopped me singing carols. I wasn’t too concerned because almost everyone I knew had got a cough.

Finally I had enough and last week I filled in an e consult form and sent it on its way.

It seemed that within a short time I had an appointment at the docs. How I hate going to the docs. However I did go because this tickly cough was really annoying especially when it was worse the moment you went to bed, when all you wanted to do was sleep.

Long story short.A course of acid reflux medication, a blood test, appointment with the asthma nurse and a chest x ray. This week my calendar is pretty much filled with medical assignations.

I enjoyed last weekend. Popped up to see my favourite florist for a chat. Wonderful flowers and she had delivered to her a large bunch of peonies. Gorgeous and then off to do a bit of sorting out at the charity shop.

The manager there is considering putting together packs of children’s clothes all sizes to help those in need alongside women’s clothing. I think we have all been touched by a post asking for clothes for the homeless, reminding us that homeless is not defined by just living on the streets.

Last Friday when it was pouring I could not help thinking of those outside. Being  wet is so much worse than the cold I should think.

This week the weather is looking up and I might even go for a walk later.

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2 Responses to Coughing spasms

  1. Janet Phipps says:

    Hi, hope your well ?


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