Pacemaker fault

I was just thinking that everything was going well. Still got the cough but not so annoying, and then out of the blue today the hospital rang to ask me to attend next Thursday for a check up, as a fault had been found in the  pacemaker that I have. I enquired what the problem was but it was deemed too complicated to explain. I was considered low risk. From what I wonder?. I have organised lifts and a dog sitter.

This week has been uneventful, which is perhaps a good thing. Trundled off to the Beacon for tea and cakes along with my neighbours. To tell the truth I’m worn out helping them get in and out of the car, plus myself and Trudy, then I feel mean and horrid for feeling like this.

Today off for a walk. Gorgeous but I’m not feeling the heat from the sun yet. Much of the time I look out the window and it’s overcast. Not much sun around just odd glimpses.

Where is it?. I look at the weather forecast which assures me it is going to be really nice and getting warmer.




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