Spring days and a wonky pacemaker

Haven’t we been spoilt this week.  Wonderfully warm and spring like days.

On Monday Trudy and I went visiting and I sat in the garden under the  most beautiful blue sky and so warm.  It feels so nice to feel the sun on your face. Calming and relaxing, so much so that I had to drag my body out of the chair to return home.

On Tuesday I went with a friend to Romsey Paws Park. A large recreational field totally fenced in and safe for the dogs. There was a seat at the top of the field,  albeit a bit unstable, but again nice to sit on and feel the warmth of the sun.  The farmer has obviously set aside the field for dog walkers such as myself who has a dog with zero recall and other issues.

Next day we went again but only booked half an hour which was much better. The first day we booked an hour which was too much.

Yesterday I was picked up by a driver from Good Neighbours to take me to the hospital to have my pacemaker checked. It appears there is a fault with a batch of these life savers so they were calling those patients who had one for a check up. Don’t you know there is a problem with mine, so have to return in three weeks time. They were so apologetic but in all  honesty it’s not their fault.

Today I’m enjoying mooching at home.

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