Random purchases

As I was unpacking the car yesterday I took a look at all the things I had bought.

A packet of bird seed. Dog treats and a freebie sky remote. The remote came via a post in Chandlers Ford Good Neighbours. It’s amazing just what you can pick up.

Finally the last purchase of the day a very nice brand new dress from Chandlers Ford Happy Place. It was originally priced at £15 but for the whole of March all ladies clothes and mens are priced at £1. What a bargain.

Off for my pancake lunch. Returned home to grab the clothes in from the garden before it poured with rain, and then off to B and Q for a specialised paint to cover a worn wooden chair. I think it’s an old Ercol so well worth the effort.

I had started the day with a trip to the dentist. Painless and nothing else to be done. Nine months to the next check up. Music to my ears.

Absolutely worn out. Hopping although that’s a lose term, in and out of the car, set my back off horribly,  but supper and then bed helped ease the back pain.

I seem to be reverting to my childhood. Whenever I went out in the evening, my mum would always set up a bowl of cereal for me on my return.

As I haven’t much felt like eating these days I’ve started having a bowl of cereal before bed, otherwise by the time breakfast comes round I’m feeling sick because I’m so hungry, which is a horrible feeling.

Trudy is feeling unwell today. She could be just worn out like me but if necessary the vet beckons.

Enjoy your day.

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