Blustery Saturday

I was fortunate in getting a lift to the supermarket. I’m always pleased to get a lift these days.  I have sworn should I ever get any money that I would hang up my car keys and  leave all the driving to someone else. Very unlikely.

On my way in there were a couple who were discussing the weather. The lady said “it wasn’t blowing like this in our garden” she was so surprised that it was blowing a hoolie. Another accident. Out came this lady with her shopping trolley with her paper resting on the top. You’ve guessed it. It went sailing away.  She decided she wasn’t going to chase after it. Very sensible.

Feeling rather uplifted off I went to join the happy throng of shoppers. Do you realise just how many people talk to themselves whilst shopping.I do hope I don’t do this but I’m pretty sure they are probably lonely. I know I talk to my animals,  but don’t think I talk to a tin of beans yet, but who knows.

Take care out there today. Look out for trees that might have blown down.




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