The big C is a possibility

Following my visit to the docs with the persistent cough I had, I was asked to attend the surgery for blood tests and make arrangements for an X ray which I did.

Follow up appointment all well or so it seemed except I was deficient in vitamin D. All sorted with one pill a week.

Imagine my surprise when I received a text asking that I contact the doctor to talk about the X ray results which I did. He was busy with his patients but phoned back to say the X ray had showed something  that they weren’t sure of. Typical that I had something that was “different”. Needless to say sleep was impossible. Googled everything about shadows on the lungs. Didn’t help. Don’t Google springs to mind.

He has decided to fast track me so now a waiting game. I’m scared.

Anyone out there who would like to send a message would be great.

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