Another twinge

Following on from my blog yesterday I have to say that I managed to get a good nights sleep. If you don’t sleep everything is an effort and you almost lose the will to live. Every time I find I experience a new twinge, I’m left wondering if it’s connected to the “shadow”.

Got up. All animals sorted inside and out. I like to feed the birds. Stripped the bed ready for my daughter to help remake it. Needless to say she’s not coming today. I’m going there so will have to remake the bed in dribs and drabs.

Duvets are brilliant but such a pain to change, and I hate to turf the cat out of the middle of it. That’s my excuse.

My grandaughter sent me a lovely message to say she will help out whenever she can, and I’m part of the family. I’m lucky. There are many less fortunate.

Still blowy out there but not as ferocious as yesterday thank goodness.

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2 Responses to Another twinge

  1. Jenny Ward says:

    I know what you mean about losing sleep. It happened this morning, it happens quite often – wide awake at 4am, can’t go back to sleep, read for a while, finally sleep then wake up at 9.30 – half the day gone!!


  2. It’s horrible not sleeping. I live on a busy road so I’m woken up early with traffic noise. I hate it


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