Head Space

Following on from my conversation with the doc I had to re-acclimatise my head. Is it anything to worry about or is it a peculiarity to me?.

First thing that crossed my mind. What about the animals?. I have made arrangements but it’s still upsetting, because they can’t stand up for themselves.

Cough is still there but less.

Yesterday I decided I had to get some shopping. I was very kindly dropped off at the front door and then picked up again.

Today I’ve been trying to clear up the flat. Whilst unpacking I dropped an apple on the floor. I can’t find it anywhere. I’m going to have to ask my daughter to scramble under the table for me. I do hate having to ask.

Following my fall when I hurt my coccyx, I have found sitting a challenge.Evidently you need to sit on a ring type thing, something similar that some of us ladies might have sat on following giving birth. No such rubber ring in my flat so I’ve conjured up something that seems to work well enough.

I have one of those triangular cushions. I’ve bent it round and then placed a pillow at the back, so in effect I’ve a nice little hole in the middle. It does work and the pain is less when I sit.

Weather still grotty but promises to get better next week.




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