New pension

Just heard from the Pension department advising me of my new pension as from April 6th, but what tickled me most was the postscript at the bottom of the letter. When I’m 80 (not quite yet) I would be entitled to another 25p a week. What’s that about?.

Weekend spent doing what I do much of the time these days. Talking to the animals. A few friends who drop by and reading.  It’s surprising out of all my “friends” who offered to help,not one has come forward to ask if I’d like a coffee or something. That says something.

As long as they’re okay don’t worry about anything else. It’s not going to happen to them.

I heard a while back that we should have lessons in getting old, because no one thinks they’ll get old and need help. Good idea.

This past weekend lost an apple which I couldn’t find, but my daughter found it under a heavy dining room table, and then would  you believe it my toothbrush vanished .  Went to clean my teeth and it had gone. I just cleaned my teeth with my finger and then off to Tesco to buy a new one. However I found it under the step I use to get in and out of the shower.

Dotty or what.


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