Best laid plans

I received two letters from the hospital regarding my appointments with the Pacing Clinic and one for my “shadow”.

I wrongly got the dates mixed up. The Pacing Clinic is tomorrow, and I thought the shadow appointment was also tomorrow but it’s not. It’s for the end of April so a month later

You may think not a big deal but it has taken some organising. Lift tomorrow morning, and another lift in the afternoon which of course is no longer  needed. Even Trudy had to be organised.

Positive thoughts would suggest they can’t be too worried about the shadow so a certain amount of relief.

I’m hoping to go to Bambridge Garden Centre this afternoon. It’s such a lovely day that thoughts of garden flowers enters your mind. I’m sure I shall return with a plant or two, even though I have only a very small space.

It’s one thing I miss having my own space, where I can sit without hearing and seeing an endless stream of cars,  lorries etc, but typically when I had such a space I didn’t appreciate it.




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