Francis Benali

I am so in awe of this amazing man and his achievements. He must be very proud with what he has achieved, with the help of his supporting team. He will never be forgotten, whilst I can’t say the same thing.  I always hoped that I would do something that I would be remembered for. It makes life worth living you might say.

I know that a little kindness could be considered a reason to be, but I  want my achievements to be large, when in fact its the small every day things that make such a difference to someone’s life. I know for a fact  that when people say hello to me and have a chat I’m uplifted.It’s just so amazing that men, women and children achieve such wondrous things. Their premise being to help others.

This week I’ve managed to upset a couple of people. Not deliberately but I managed it. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and I can’t forget it.

Disappointing start to the day. Popped along to see a couple of friends who work in shops but both were closed, so I returned home. Think I’ll try a little yoga for the elderly.

Weather much improved. Sun peeping out but not that warm.


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