Tears lots of

I have been watching all the D Day coverage on the television. I was sitting with tears running down my face. All those brave people from all over the world, but I was particularly moved by the extracts from some of the letters. Heart wrenching.

The lone piper playing on the Mulberry harbour at Arromanches. I am not a fan of the bagpipes but this was something else. The old men who jumped out of the plane.

To complete my tears this week, I have discovered where my partner is buried in Cyprus. It looks somehow desolate. Very rocky but guess Cyprus is quite rocky in places.

He died on his own along with his dog. I don’t know if the dog starved to death because his owner was so ill and unable to take care of him or not, which I found disturbing. All alone sounds terrifying.

To compound my emotions I know he was very frightened of dying as I guess we all are. I envy all those with the absolute faith that there is life after death. I do think that there is something after leaving this world, but there is no one to share with us is there?

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