Feeling abandoned

Stupid to feel like this I know but all of my family are overseas in Mauritius pending my grandaughters wedding on Thursday. Following the appalling weather that we have experienced over the last couple of days I regretted my decision to stay at home.

My grandson is finishing his holiday travelling through Malaysia and other parts, finally finishing in Hong Kong when he will then fly to Mauritius. He has had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to catch up with all his news.

My daughter phoned this morning. She was drinking a cocktail. Weather good, lovely hotel, but confessed to the flight as being long and not one of the best she’s been on.

My lovely neighbour arrived home last night following her trip to Wales. It was something she didn’t wish to repeat. Hotel not good and the food wasn’t much cop either.

I did look it up on the Internet and the hotel had a very negative review, so I imagined it would be lacking.

Her sister booked it and I thought she was Internet savvy but she failed to book a better class of holiday. The fellow passengers were very nice apparently. On the last day one lady fell and the coach with all its occupants had to go to the hospital. I would have loved to see the coach pull up outside the hospital.

She looked absolutely exhausted when she arrived home. I insisted she had a gin and tonic which was very much enjoyed. Nothing quite like a drink when you feel almost ill with fatigue,

Whilst my girl Trudy went for a walk I popped to the charity shop. I sorted and priced some shoes,  children’s tee shirts, and lots of toys so a good morning well spent. Not only did it get me out of the house but I had a good chin wag.Something we all need you will agree.

My grandaughter has just phoned on the way to Heathrow. Very excited.

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