Love spoon

This is my present from Wales. Charming don’t you think.

I hadn’t realised that the cut out in the top of the spoon meant different things. Mine meant Steadfast Love. Don’t really think Mary is aware of the different meanings of the love hearts, but a very kind present all the same.

For your information the horseshoe means good luck, the lock means security, as you would imagine, the bells wedding bliss, links together forever, anchor settled love, ball in cage, number of children, and finally keyhole my house is yours.

Talking of love my grandaughter got maried last Thursday in Mauritius. Lots of photos sent to me. It really seemed like paradise.  Beautiful sands, blue sky and the feeling of heat. After such a miserable week for our weather it looked particularly enticing.

Where have those years gone?. It seems only yesterday she came and stayed in my house, going to car boot sales, taking breakfast up on the Downs. Good times and good memories.

Trudy went to vet yesterday. Again you might say and I have the exact same sentiments. Has a skin allergy and besides steroids she has to be bathed twice a week. I’m elderly and she’s large so a problem, but with the help of friends all sorted this week and next week.  I’ll worry about the other weeks later

Enjoy the sunshine while  it is here, because by the end of the week it’s going to be very hot and we’ll be moaning.

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