Ten minutes-not on your nelly

With the help of Karen (my friend and dog walker) we have just bathed Trudy. What a palaver. She was a good girl but I’m covered in bits of grey fur and I’m pretty wet. Floor not too bad, bath has a nice film of grey dog fur, even though I’ve cleaned it as best as I could.

We were supposed to leave the shampoo on for ten minutes, but after five I had had enough sitting on the toilet seat.

We did have a good laugh though. We were trying to speak French.  Karen is off to France on her hols next week. So funny.

Now Trudy is busy licking herself where she can reach. I’m not allowed to dry her. Oh well happy days.

I have had a very welcome offer for the use of a wet room for one of the sessions.  Arn’t some people kind and generous.

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