It was not a normal Thursday but it started out much the same as any other day.  Usual chores.

The morning was as it should be. Took Trudy out for her toilet time and then I noticed a small crowd gathered outside. Cars stopped, a dog was put on a lead, which in my opinion should already have been on a lead. The road is a busy one, and then what caught my eye was white hair. It dawned on me that it was my neighbour, but for a moment thought I was imagining it, because I knew she had been picked up and taken to church. What was she doing outside near the road?

I went outside to see her being helped to her door by very caring loving teenagers and I helped her inside to her home. She looked very shaken but the only damage I could see was a bruise on her elbow. Made the obligatory cup of tea and a sandwich for lunch. She would not go to the doctors.

I phoned her relation and explained what had happened.

I was going out for tea and cake but was reassured that all was well next door.

With the aid of Google found the house immediately. I’m one of those people who worry needlessly about getting lost but all was fine. Sat in the garden with Trudy and friends. Passed an enjoyable couple of hours and returned home with a bunch of sweet peas. How lovely they are.

Sleeping however was out of the question. I had an Atrial Fibrillation episode which really frightened me. I haven’t had an attack for quite a while as the medication usually works well for me but not last night so today feel a bit tired. Quiet day for me.

They do say that  stress  is often the cause of an episode and quite possibly after the neighbour’s accident and me worrying about getting lost, might well have played it’s part in my restless night.

Another warm summer day. Go outside and enjoy.




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