The art of standing after a fall

This blog really follows on from my last one when I wrote about my neighbours fall.

I have been keeping an eye on her but not being overly concerned, as I know she would hate that,  but she then explained how she managed to get to her feet. Apparently she must have fallen with her legs near the kerb. She was asked to push her feet on the kerb and she was pushed up “just like an  ironing board “. This really tickled me. She comes out with the most amazing things.

I fell a while ago but I was fortunate that I could shuffle to the sofa and use that as leverage. Not very becoming but successful.

I have just returned from Waitrose. My family have now landed back in UK and are looking to me to provide lunch. I am in no mood to cook, not even potatoes so lots of cold meats, salmon and salad, and a meringue roulade.

I was sat next to another elderly lady whilst we waited for the tills to open, and naturally we started talking. She had her food in her trolley but it mostly consisted of whisky and soda. Several bottles in fact. She explained that it had to last her a week?

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