Back of cupboards.

I was running short of dog biscuits as you do, when I noticed a bag of biscuts hiding at the back of the cupboard. Dodgy knees preclude me from bending down to investigate further, and then I had a brainwave. I would use a brush. Even with that it wouldn’t move and the brush head managed to disappear under the back of the cupboard. Solution.To ask my dog walker Nat to help out. She even had to lie down on the floor but she managed to retrieve both the biscuits and the brush head.

Trudy started her day with a wash, coutesy of Fur Angels. She has been an absolute brick over the past few weeks washing Trudy for me twice a week. Today she brought with her her young son. Whilst Trudy was washed he was in the back too, as it’s completely air conditioned. I could hear him nattering away from my lounge. So lovely to hear.

Wednesday I had to visit the hospital for an echogram on my liver as the CT scan picked up a few cysts they think. I did wonder if my previous drinking days had caught up with me, not that I drank to excess,but certainly more than the recommended limit these days.

Soooooo hot. I’m going to a barbie this afternoon which will probably be too hot but who cares.

Enjoy Wimbledon,  the sun and the strawberries or whatever floats your boat as the say.

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