Challenging time

The passage of time trundles along far too fast for me, but the days usually pass with nothing untoward happening, a bit of laughter,serious discussions and hot days.

I have been going out for a short walk into the woods where it is thankfully cooler both for me and the dog.

Following her return last Saturday from her walk she looked very off colour to me. A little while later she was in the garden pooing pink poo. At this point I was concerned. Phoned the vet. He had just left so I had no option but to go to the emergency vet in Winchester. They decided she had a severe bout of gastro enteritis, so left with Pro Kolin which to be honest I didn’t have much faith in, but it did the trick.  Ordered a tube from Amazon just in case.

My delightful neighbour went to the docs to see if she was going deaf, because everyone thought she was. Was told it was wax so it’s warm olive oil in her ears for her.

Karen one of my dog walkers has returned from holiday to France and bought home some jam for me. Thoughtful.

Have just returned from the vet where the cat had her claws trimmed. They were so long she couldn’t get unstuck from the chairs when she jumped up, or my clothes.

This weekend my grandaughter and her husband are celebrating their 30th birthdays. Pizza van supplying pizzas. Tea and cake in the afternoon and then bbq in the evening. All day and night time too. Tents being erected in the fields,where an expected 130 people are turning up. It isn’t raining at the moment so guess they must be relieved.

Quiet day for me for which I’m grateful and I hope not like last Saturday.

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