Stripping off

I guess nothing quite compares with my neighbours view of the hot weather. “I’ve taken my bra off and going to have a bit of comfort”. I do admire her. Couldn’t really see myself doing just that.

My mum springs to mind. Every morning after her bath she would struggle into her playtex. It must have been awful,  but over time she came to the same conclusion as my neighbour. Take it off and hang the fallout.

Busy weekend. I was asked to look after Luna the German shepherd on Saturday,  whilst the owners went over to the Island for a visit. Off to Romsey Paws Park and then home. We noticed a problem -Luna. Her head was on one side and she kept making squeeky noises obviously uncomfortable. With permission she went to the vet. On first examination they couldn’t see anything so a sedative was given. A while later I went to pick her up. Evidently the inside of her ear had been bleeding, but no offending objects in the actual ear. Vet put Luna into my car. She weighs 44 kilos so she’s way above my strength. Yet again with the help of neighbours got her and Trudy into the house. Quiet afternoon and cool in the lounge.

Have a pleasant day, Keep cool and don’t do too much. No housework for me until it becomes a lot cooler. Housework is going to be there tomorrow and forever.

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