Diary style comments

It has been ages since I put pen to paper as it were, but unfortunately nothing much has happened over the past few weeks so I decided to keep a diary to prove to myself that some things do happen to me. That’s the problem. When you age, you arn’t so mobile and therefore easily become isolated, to the point that you don’t want to go out, which as we know is bad for your body and mind.

I have kept a diary for many years but have stopped writing in one for the past four years or so.

The hospital have been investigating why I still cough.  I’ve been coughing for eight months now. Crazy. Have had many tests .CT scans but everything has come back okay. Whilst investigating they saw a shadow on my liver, but that turned out to be a simple cyst.I had a follow up appointment to visit the consultant, but I requested if it were possible to have a phone call instead of visiting the hospital. Happily she agreed and the next step is a berium meal. Can’t say they are not looking after me.

Have walked three times a week with Trudy. I was leaving my door and we passed  a child in her pushchair who let out an ear piercing scream. Frightened me to death and Trudy. What a way to behave.  I feel sorry for the child.

Then to make everything worse I got the sickness virus. I felt awful and still feel under the weather, and to boot I’ve hurt my back. However visiting my amazing back lady Amanda, this afternoon.

My grandson has just returned from the hospital today. They have discovered he has too much iron in his blood. A few life changes needed, but as the reception on the mobile was not as it should be, I’m sure I’ve missed plenty. Evidently this problem could effect his heart,  liver and pancreas so he does need to take a bit more care of himself, not always the easiest thing to do when you are twenty six.

Have booked into a class for the over 55’s to help with the risks of falling. Salsa based I think. Sounds interesting.  We will see.

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