Snapshot of the past few days

Wonderful weather but I’m so grateful that the evenings are not so hot. Sleep alludes me however because of this wretched back. I’m so miserable. Nothing like a bad back to pull you down. I’m whinging I know, and I also know there are lots of people worse off.

It’s my grandaughters birthday this weekend and I really struggled to think what to buy. Being a young lovely woman with a good career, charming husband, I had no idea what to buy. Flash bulb moment. I would buy her a mrytle tree. I found a tree that I considered was just the ticket and I bought it from Trees Direct. I phoned on Monday and it was delivered on Tuesday. Gift wrapped too.

She seemed delighted with it and I hope it continues to grow strong and healthy.

Last Tuesday was Beacon day, I felt pretty rough and couldn’t bear the thought of having to help the oldies into my car considering I could barely move, so I cried off.

Mary was picked up by her sister and Doreen also wanted to go. The only trouble was the car had only two doors. Getting in was a breeze but I believe getting out of the back seat was a challenge. They had to resort to obtaining a gentleman’s help to finally get her out. I was quite amused by the whole thing but not sure if the others felt the same. At least Doreen will realise that she must not get into a two door car and sit in the rear.Isn’t there a saying “nothing like an old fool”.

Popped along to see my back lady, pop isn’t quite the right word if you get my drift, but I finally arrived. I’ve known Amanda for many years so we had a lot to catch up with. Her family sort of okay. Usual ups and downs but her cats another matter. One of them Hugo was run over, and although he wasn’t killed he was very smashed up, and they decided to put him to sleep. At this time I was crying. Had gone for a manipulation and ended up crying my eyes out. I don’t know if it’s part and parcel of growing old, but I cry very easily these days

The best bit. It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday,  I used to arrange for him to have smoked salmon delivered to him. He loved all things fishy.

Wish I was at the seaside.








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