How do you react to pain

I’m still struggling to get around and feel generally sorry for myself.

Don’t you love people who say you must keep moving and it will get better. How to explain that you hurt like hell,  and it’s not time to take your painkillers.

Dog bowl and cat bowl how to pick them up?.Step up the grabber. Absolutely brilliant because you drop more things when you can’t pick em up. That’s one of the signs that you have a bad back. It seems that clothes,  dog  bowls, cat bowls have a secret pact with the floor. The floor seems to say “come to me”.

I have looked at my bank balance and decided what the heck. Hang the expense. I’m going for chiropractic and physio. Do you find that you just want to feel well. No pain and hang the expense.

What do they say “you can’t take it with you”.

I feel that I’m getting better. Can move easier now. I do my exercises as I was told. I rarely do what I’m told, but I want to get well.

Wonderful weather we have had recently, so lucky.

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