Remember me

As time marches on I am faced with the inevitable time when I’m not here. Strange to imagine that the world will continue to turn without me in it.

I would be honoured if anyone remembered me but sadly think that’s unlikely.

I’m in awe of those amazing people who do the most amazing things to improve their community,  or people’s lives. I don’t seem to have that  drive or imagination.

I have bought up a family but even then I didn’t do a good job,  My daughter and her family are great, but I lost touch with my son many years ago. So sad that families suffer in this respect. I often wonder what he’s up to.

I’m hoping that the best is yet to come and I can be of help to someone  in any which way.

I am having physio this afternoon and I hope to be able to move a little easier then.

What a week. Trudy has been well and truly washed. Her fur is getting quite curly.


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