I had to go to the hospital on Wednesday to have my pacemaker checked. The pacemaker was fitted about nineteen months ago, and it is their policy to have you return to have the pacemaker checked to ascertain if all is working well. Unfortunately mine was one of thousands I imagine that had a fault. These devices are made in America and they had to come up with some software to correct whatever was wrong with it.

I was lucky the software had arrived a couple of days before my appointment, so all sorted.

For those of you who have a pacemaker it is quite a strange feeling when they slow your heart rate down to obtain the information they need. Doesn’t hurt but odd.

However my blog about tattoo’s. There was a young man who was covered. I’m not a fan but anthing on the small side is fine, but all over not for me.

This prompted the question to the technicians about tattoo’s. They only said lots of ex wife’s and children featured. They were far too polite to say anything else,  I was quite disappointed if I’m honest.

Feeling a bit better thank goodness. When I go to bed say my prayers and ask especially to look after the animals, friends and family and the last ask “is to feel better”.

Selfish I know but we all need some help at times

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