Tentative steps

It has been nearly three months since I ventured out, that is if you don’t count the visits to the doctor and chiropractor, both of which leaved a lot to be desired.

The chiropractor was a friendly and charming young man, but not what I expected, in so far as the equipment being used.

I stared at the table and asked ” I hope it goes up”, to which he said no.

First problem I couldn’t possibly get on the table but we worked around it. There wasn’t even a pillow to be seen. To be honest, I felt I was being short changed.

When I visited my former chiropractor,and that was many years ago, he had all the right equipment.

Physio had a long waiting list so I was lucky to find a mobile physio called Katie A very different experience, although it has taken me quite a while to feel better. I had a particularly bad weekend and rang for advise,

She told me that it’s going to take a while, but if no improvement seen she would visit me again. I didn’t fortunately have to take her up on the offer. The reason I think is doing the exercises three times a day. I have noticed an improvement, and following her visit yesterday she was pleased with the progress made.

As I have continued to improve I decided Trudy and I would venture out. Car was not cooperative and had to phone the rescue team. Fortunately just a flat battery,

How nice to see friendly faces and dogs, mushrooms and leaves on the ground,

My patio was washed this week. It was very slippery and I didn’t want to risk falling. All done by a very nice man and friend and it only cost me ten pounds (very small patio). A few tradesmen said it was too small for them to do it. Another said next February. Lucky man to have so much work on.

Whilst walking could hear a gentleman calling what I thought was an Arthur. Finally this spotless dog tore towards us. Oh thats Arthur I said. No it’s Martha.  Don’t think he was impressed.

Had my home delivery from Waitrose. Still not quite got the hang of it, but getting better.  I spent ages sesrching for a bath sponge for me, and or a flannel withut success. I phoned Head Office and they told me that they are not available for on line shopping, I was very surprised.

Have a wonderful weekend.







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