My memories

I consider myself lucky to be living in a warm flat. Just cracked the night storage heater system.The last few years have been very chilly.

My mum and dad lived in a flat in Swaythling. A nice flat with good sized rooms, but just before central heating arrived. That meant a coal fire and dimplex oil filled radiators.

The fire was lovely but if you moved away from the fire it was very chilly.

In the winter dad had his orders. Make tea and then make up the fire in readiness for mum. She would have a bath and then beat a retreat to the fire where she gently steamed herself dry, and then the palaver of getting herself into her playtex girdle. By the end of the day the playtex was whipped off and hidden behind a cushion,  in case someone called.

I miss those days. Everything is frantic these days not much time for anyone or anything. It’s amazing but most of us have some form of central heating,  but a lot don’t use it, mostly due to the cost.

This past week has posed a challenge for my dog walkers as Trudy is in heat. I never know because she is so clean. They are forced to travel to quieter spots. I haven’t ventured out with her myself. I’ve only just started walking with one stick. I don’t really want to go arse about tip.

Weather is an improvement today. Popped out for a hot chocolate and then returned home.  Even if you go out for a short walk it does break up the day nicely.

Have you started your Christmas shopping?. I have bought a few presents and know what I’m buying for others, so no mad rush. Unfortunately it is difficult for me to go to the shops, so Internet shopping  is my solution but that’s not the same is it?



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