Past week,mobility scooters and soup

Bizarre title unusual week.

Monday arrived and it was Mary’s 94th birthday. She was not really looking forward to the day as she felt alone.

Her sister Joy has had to give up driving through ill health which means they can’t wander far from home. Her scooter is new and she is able to get out and about on it, but her legs feel cold. I suggested a blanket but that didn’t meet with her approval. She also said how awful the pavements were. Not surprising.

However back to Monday.  A friend called round at Mary’s for coffee She is a scooter rider herself. She wss clutching home made pumpkin soup. I was tickled to death. Can just imagine her scooting along with her container filled with soup.

In the afternoon she was picked up for a U3A meeting, so quite a full day for her.

Tuesday was the Beacon day. Lots of people attending.Mary had decided she would sign up for Dial a Ride and was taken in style to the Beacon.  I think she felt if I couldn’t take her there was another option. The only concern she had was they wouldn’t pick her up again. Told her she would have to hitch. A large chocolate cake complete with candles was held aloft, and we all sang Happy Birthday, The cake was divided up and we had a small piece each.  She arrived home safely, and didn’t need to hitch after all!

Popped in for a cup of tea. Lots of cards.My daughter made her a cake. Stayed for a while and then came home. I could see she was getting tired.

Wednesday was my day at the hospital. Such a long wait but you cannot complain. After all  they are helping you.

Thursday was vet day again. More steroids dispensed to deal with the itch.

Yesterday was spent talking, enjoying company and house cleaning.

Today likely to be spent inside. Not so nice outside.

Enjoy your weekend. Perhaps decorate the tree?





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