Challenging week

Morning everyone. My week began as usual. Nothing untoward.

I went into one of my bathrooms. I have a shower room, separate loo and another bathroom. I know far too many in my mind.   I started with the cleaning and became aware that the top of the cistern was wet.  I stayed and waited, and then plop plop through the ceiling, I live in a ground floor flat. I put a washing up bowl on top, and a towel on the floor, and through the day the plop plops continued. The cat sleeps in the bedroom adjoining and I was concerned it would become wet overnight, but that didn’t happen.I pop the cat in her “room” because I can not sleep when she sits on  top of my head, and then poddles all night it seems,

My daughter took over the communication with the property managementt, as she and her husband own the flat. Phoned up the management company who assured her they would get in touch with the landlord and we were told the flat above me was number  17. This wasn’t correct. How they could get that so wrong. I don’t know. Doesn’t put them in a good light especially as we pay over £800 every six months. For what?

I own up to getting stressed because it’s out of my control. Another problem was with Hermes. They supposedly tried four times to deliver a parcel to me. Still haven’t received anything,  but thankfully the company are resending the goods via Royal Mail. The company has been fabulous can’t thank them enough

I had a delivery from Royal Mail yesterday no problem and that came from the States.

Next thing to happen concerned a mince pie. I love them. I was sat eating one when I heard a knock on the door. Up I jumped leaving the pie on the table. Returned to find half of the pie had been eaten. I phoned the vet and we decided that inducing her to vomit was the way forward.

The vet did what was necessary and said unfortunately there wasn’t a room inside that we could use, so I sat in a chair outside in their garden. Those were the longest twenty minutes I’ve spent in a long time, even though they gave me a doggy blanket to put over me, but on the small size. It was so cold late afternoon.

Driving home was a challenge, as I don’t drive at night anymore, but got home safely.

No more leaks yet, and no more mince pies eaten. That’s three things isn’t it. They do say everything comes in three.


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