It seems ages ago since Christmas arrived with all the balyhoo that goes with it. People seemed to be a little more friendly.

The Christmas week began with me preparing the vegetables and the ubiquitous trifle.

Christmas Day I decided to change my wardrobe from slacks to a dress. I had to wear tights and finally found a pair. Bit of an issue getting them on but finally successful. I wasn’t too worried because I knew there were a couple of new tights at my daughter’s.  Whipped the old off and then on with the new. You know the feeling as you struggle to get them on,  they were not big enough. Had I got a lot fatter or had the tights come up small. My daughter and I heaved and heaved and finally they were on. I was so exhausted I stayed home whilst they took the dogs walkies. It reminded me of my mum and her love hate relationship with her girdle.

A very nice lunch with my family and my daughter’s neighbour and son.  Very small amount of Moet,  but my gosh after a few sips could have drunk a lot more. My heart palpitations and drink driving were enough to make me stop.

Played a couple of games and then returned home. The car park is so dark .Hardly any lights, and I didn’t want to fall.

Boxing day the rest of the family arrived along with their cat. Not a happy relationship with my daughter’s cat and dog,

So many presents.

Another game and then home.

I was pleased to have a quiet couple of days.

New Years eve I took family to The Farmhouse for lunch. Good food and half empty,

New Years day I had lunch with my daughter ‘s neighbour. Lovely beef pie and chocolate cake for pudding,  served either with cream or ice cream. Scrumptious.

Played  a game after lunch and I came home with more goodies, I was so lucky,

May I wish you a very Happy and healthy New Year.


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