How many towels?

My lovely neighbour provides me with hours of fun, but it’s not meant in an unkind way.

Trudy returned from her walk and quickly discovered that Mary’s door was open. In she rushed with me following on.  Trudy was pretending to not hear me.Mary was standing in her hall complaining that she was worn out after having had her shower. We asked why. It transpires that she uses four towels and she’s a slip of a thing, one for the floor,  one for her hair,  one large wrap around and one for the final rub down. Couldn’t quite believe it. That’s virtually a washing machine load.

My flat is not one to have gas central heating, so quite often I feel a little chilly, so I reckoned a throw was the thing to buy.

Went onto Amazon and had a look see. Didn’t want a huge one because I can’t fold them up tidily anymore. I have enough problems changing the bed linen (I have quite a large double bed). As it is I have taken  to changing the bottom sheet and pillow cases one day and the next the duvet cover.  Not quite so nice as doing a complete change of linen. I love the feel of clean sheets, and if they are dried outside in the fresh air all the better. Picked up one reversible grey and white throw, and it’s very sensual. I find it very soothing to smooth the fabric. A bit like a fake fur texture.

Usual meeting at the Beacon. General chit chat. Managed to stay until the end. I’m usually home well before that.

Today I’m off to lunch.  Feeling very peckish, as normally I would have my lunch a lot earlier. I really can’t keep picking at the chocs still in the cupboard after Christmas.

Bomb shell was dropped yesterday. The family want to move to Devon.Do I stay or do I go?

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