A most horrible week

If I can remember as far back as Monday,  I had no way of knowing anything untoward was lurking on the horizon, although cat was scratching a lot. The spot  treatment that the vet prescribed didn’t seem to be working well. Bought another brand in the interim and scratching became less. End of problem I thought.

Tuesday morning. Sorted the animals and went back to bed for a while to read. I put my book down and noticed these small specks, and I realised they were fleas. I squashed quite a few which I enjoyed. When young, before the treatments available to us these days were available , we used a combe,killed them by whatever means you fancied , although pretty sure that you couldn’t catch every one

I decided to ring up some pest controllers and I couldn’t believe the prices. Some were very very expensive one of the quotes was £700. I didn’t go with that company.

I then had to strip the beds.Wash on a hot wash, and then vacate the property for four hours. Luckily my daughter lives just down the road so we decamped there. Cat as well.

Of course then had to make the bed. I was tired before I even started that chore.

I began to notice that my dog’s bed showed a pus like colour.Went to vet.. Pyrometra. Antibiotics today  (Wednesday) and then operation the following day (Thursday). So worrying, but I was lucky that I could visit a couple of friends. Trudy was finally picked up at six o’clock last night, Very out of it, but seems much better today thank goodness.

The next concern is will the insurance company pay out? I can see some of my savings being used. The dog is very important to me and she deserves as much as I can possibly give her.

Can I wish for a happy weekend for myself. Of course I can, and to you Have a great one,





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