Morning. How are you coping? Mine is pretty much as it was with the exception of some very nice people.

I was fortunate to be offered a free lunch by someone who I had met many years ago. He had a friend who was a chef and was cooking lunch for 100 people, and I was fortunate to be on the list. I received a curry which I was delighted to receive as my curry cooking is not particularly good, and a shepherds pie. Both were truly scrumptious.

Chandlers Ford Help did me a huge kindness as they had picked up my prescription and pets ongoing medication.

The young woman who delivered the items was a welcome and cheery sight. She wore a brightly coloured dress and bright red lipstick. She really made my day.

My daughter hands over some cake for myself and my two neighbours and we have had a selection of brownies, banana cake,and rock buns.

Today the dog has just been picked up for her walkies. The walkers really do save my life at the moment.

The weather is bright but cold.

The one positive thing that has happened since the lock down is how quiet the road has become outside of the flats. It is usually very busy all day and much of the night,

Stay in, keep well and if possible cheery. One of the blessings of being a certain age. I don’t have to keep children entertained, but the downside is I’m not so mobile anymore. To prove the point my reclining sofa is not working and I think it’s because one of the connecting wires has come adrift but I can’t reach them to put it together again.  On well will have to wait until my daughter’s quarantine is over.




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