Weird time

Have you noticed anything odd since your lock down besides those willing to break the rules.

I heard from a friend that her next door neighbour was on her knees brushing her fake grass to within an inch of its life. A bit sad when there is much more to keep our attention.  It could be that it’s her therapy and the result is amazing so I’m told. There’s my friend struggling to keep her garden looking good with a seven stone dog running amok.

I have received much kindness over the past week. Unexpectedly I received two meals delivered to me. They were very tasty and very good.I also had a loaf of bread delivered because I happened to say I was nearly out, and was seriously considering making my own.

I was walking Trudy in front of the flat when I heard my name called. It was my neighbour right at the end of our block. She is friendly and we say hello when our paths cross but she was the first to instigate a chat. It was suggested we each take a chair and a cuppa to the front  lwwn and have a chat.  Social distancing adhered to.

Yet more phone calls for a chat from those friends I haven’t seen in ages. One of those had a letter to say she was at Extreme Risk and she was not allowed to leave her house or garden until the end of June. I asked if she was upset by the letter but the person who has fought her cancer for years said “not particularly”. I’m sure if that were me I would be terrified. Seeing it in black and white it makes it more difficult to put it out of your mind.

Stay safe and continue with the social distancing.


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