I was very pleased with the large box that was delivered to me this week. Inside were five balloons. I have never had helium balloons before, and they are now in my lounge where I can see them each day.

At the bottom of the ribbon was a small pack of jelly beans. I normally don’t eat jelly beans, but at that moment wanted to eat the whole lot, which I did. I munched my way through them and suddenly felt something hard. I thought some foreign body had slipped through quality control, but it was a piece of my tooth. I had only that very morning spoken to a friend who had toothache. I was very pleased I had no such problem, but then I did.

I rang the dentist and spoke to the receptionist, who was going to ask the dentist on call, to give me a call back, which he did. As I had no nerves left in that tooth it was not going to hurt. I was so relieved. I’ll just have to wait until some normalacy returns to our battered country.

Such a besutiful day so I’m hoping to sit in the garden for a while but to be honest its not so relaxing. Trudy, as she is on steroids, wants to eat pretty much everything, including stones and twigs. By the time I’ve wrestled them from her, I decide that enough is enough and I come inside,

There is more traffic passing by the flats this morning. I wonder where they are all going.

Enjoy your day at home.

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1 Response to Balloons

  1. Eileen Porter says:

    Probably somewhere where they shouldn’t. People are still being so silly. And then when numbers go up they will say it wasn’t me.


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