Trudy (the dog’s) birthday

There doesn’t seem to be much to say really. Stay in.Keep everyone safe but it is quite hard.

Today is a special day for our Trudy. Nine years old.I had her when she was six. The breeder said she’s not fussed about food, and she’s never ill. Wrong on both counts. She loves her food, and I seem to be at the vets regularly but she is a lovely girl.

Spent much of the early hours with Mary waiting for the paramedics. She had fallen getting out of the bed, but fortunately she seems to bounce like a ball. Next day felt stift which is not surprising.

I have received lots of gifts placed outside my door. From bird food, to bread and food for myself.

Today I have to attend Winchester Hospital to have my pacemaker checked. For the last few days I have been suffering from dizziness, breathlessness and a general feeling of “being not quite right”.I’m a little concerned but there is no choice in my opinion.

Beautiful day and for the first time an azalea that I have had for years is finally blooming. A lovely sight at this bleak time.

My family and friends are all well which I thank God for.



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