Chandlers Ford in lockdown

For the past couple of weeks the busy main road outside of the flats has been quiet and it’s been lovely. However I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that the traffic is increasing a lot. I find that disappointing, although I want the shops to open again to help those struggling with buying food,paying the rent and other necessary purchases.

For the first time I’m thankful that my pension continues to be paid into my bank. I’m one of the lucky ones.

Chandlers Ford has a new group called Chandlers Ford Help, and as the name implies they offer help. I have called upon them a couple of times and they have been great, and the group is expanding week on week.

It would seem that I shall be moving to Devon. I’m not sure if I want to, but I think I shall move. Quieter roads, calmer way of living,  and being near the family. Always a good thing as you get older.

It’s so cold today. Such a shock to the system after the lovely weather we’ve had.

We are at least managing to get food delivered regularly which is a godsend.

Trudy scratching much of the time. She’s been put on Apoquel which is something I don’t agree with, but the vets seem to be reluctant to admit her to give an injection of Cytopoint which doesn’t have any nasty side effects.

She doesn’t seem to be herself and the dog walkers even noticed she was not up to par. Can see I’ll be ringing the vet on Monday.

I can’t remember what day it is. Are you the same?



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