Everything is the same

I have been struggling to find anything that is remotely interesting but no luck. Get up and do the chores and then what?

I have decided to walk up and down the corridor for as many lengths as I can manage. I do really need to do exercise because my clothes are getting tight. No difference yet. I also considered buying an exercise bike.

My daughter has decided to move to Devon and I was left with a choice. Stay where I am or consider moving. I have decided to move so my flat is on the market.

I had no idea it was so difficult. Had to remove everything from the counter so filled my dishwasher up and all my cupboards and wardrobes. I wasn’t allowed to even leave the dog basket and cat basket in view so they were thrown in a wardrobe, that doesn’t include me dusting and washing all the floors. It was really too hot to do housework of any description.

Then of course on my return had to sanitise everything. I even found bananas in the fridge. What’s wrong with looking at bananas?

Think this is going way too far. Some even put a bottle of wine and glasses in the garden. Give me the old way of doing things.

On a lighter note I heard a light knock on my door and there stood my neighbour clutching a ring pull tin of soup, tin opener, and a tea towel.

It was a heartbreaking moment but equally quite funny. All sorted and she wobbled off.

Gorgeous day, but dare I say it. It’s too hot. Trudy the dog and Aura the cat agree. Keep cool if you can and I’ll write again when anything of interest occurs .

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