Besides the awful times that we have all endured it seems that life is slowly returning to normal. I have just started walking the dog again in my favourite part of Chandlers Ford, Hocombe Woods. Unfortunately I’ve had to stop awhile because it is so hot. I sit in the lounge with the blinds down to keep the sun out. I hate to do this as we are all in need of some sunshine in our lives.

Have had a very stressful few days to the point that I have felt really unwell.

Following one of my walks I popped in to see my neighbour for a cup of tea. After we had caught up her phone rang to tell her her sister had died at the age of 90. As you can imagine she was devastated. Made lunch for her and sat waiting for her family to arrive to take over. Her grandson’s wife arrived. We tried so hard to persuade her to go home with her, but she was not to be moved.

I promised to call her the next morning. I know not to ring until about 11 o’clock. I was just about to phone her when my daughter said she had a call from Alert that Mary was in trouble. I immediately called around. Flat in darkness with Mary on the floor. She had been laying there all night. She couldn’t have pressed the button until late morning. What a mess and smell. We took the duvet from her and put it into the washing machine and covered her up with a couple of blankets. Ambulance guys came soon after. and in she went. She was discharged from hospital that very day. No injuries at all. She is so amazing and fills me with admiration.

This time she went with her family and I was so pleased to hear that it is unlikely that she will return home. I was so glad that she had finally decided that she needed help.

Although I was glad she wasn’t returning home I felt sad. Another part of my life changed forever. No little figure standing outside the door with a tin clutched in her hands, because she couldn’t open it.

The flat seems to have sold and I am off to Devon in a couple of months. Keep reading and we’ll see what happens, I’m thinking of starting another blog from Winkleigh.

Stay safe and remember the virus is still around us.

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