About Me

Hi friends new and old. My name is Wendy.  I moved to Chandlers Ford in Hampshire in 2010 to live closer to my family. Since that time, along with my scatty Red Setter Lou, I have been getting to know the local area. I met many new friends as Lou and I walked together and would love to get to know more walkers. Sadly Lou passed away earlier this year and I now have a new companion on my adventures; Trudy, an English Setter who found herself in need of a new home at 6 years old.

Getting to know walkers however isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have a bit of a dodgy leg which means I can’t walk as fast as I would like or keep up with able bodied walking clubs. Lou and I preferred a more gentle and relaxing amble around the local area (although I rather suspect Lou was being kind to me because she did rather like to tear around like a mad thing when I’m not looking). Now Trudy is still settling in, and is not very good at coming back, or getting into the car, so walking can be a little stressful! She is much more relaxed at home with me though, and barks less than Lou did.

This is me, Wendy, and my housemates Aura and Trudy

Moving to a new area is always challenging and being a little more, shall we say, “past it” I’ve found it difficult to meet people and make friends outside of dog walking, and to get to know the local community.  People can be relatively reserved in these parts and on occasion my attempts to be friendly have resulted in a raised eyebrow and a possible misconstruing of my intentions. Let’s just say I’m not looking for a toy boy, although I wouldn’t say no to a cup of coffee!

So with this in mind I have decided to join the internet world and put together, with the help of a few slightly more computer literate friends, a guided tour of my very own favourite places in the local area and share some of my life along the way. Please feel free to say hello and share your favourite hidden gems as well – especially any good coffee offers!!

Now the story behind the painting above:

I was recovering in hospital and read an article about this lady who painted your dreams. She studied your astrological chart and predicted the outcome. It is so long ago I cannot remember her name, I know we went to London and met up with her on her boat. As you can see from the picture I needed peace at this time in  my life, some money because it was in short supply, a home and friends, wine and barbecues.

3 Responses to About Me

  1. Jean says:

    Hi Wendy I heard you on radio solent this morning and though I live in southsea I find same problems here. I walk my little dog rather slowly etc gammy leg.and meet vatios dog owners . I tried to put comments on your connection bloh as well but wouldn’t accept email address or anything and seemed to get stuck there.has anyone else added to your blog’s.jean


  2. Timothy Paul Westbrook says:

    Wendy, I think you’re blog is a great idea. I hope you’ll consider following my site https://thegreatamericasite.wordpress.com. If you do you’ll get to read my social commentaries on traveling through this beautiful country in which we live and by which God has blessed us.


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